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The Chicago Public Education Fund

Chicago, Illinois


The mission of The Chicago Public Education Fund (the Fund) is to improve education and student achievement in the City of Chicago’s Public schools by supporting principals and teachers by providing the necessary tools for successful student outcomes.  When seeking new office space, the Fund required a flexible environment for hosting on site principal/teacher seminars and an environment for all Fund staff that would foster a democratic approach to access to natural daylight.  Most staff sit in low-height workstations near the windows while private offices are internalized and provided with glass fronts to allow unobstructed views to the glass line.  A wide range of collaboration areas are provided throughout the spaces ranging from small phone rooms for two, a “pit area” for impromptu group interaction, and a conference area with telescoping walls enabling three conference rooms to be combined into one large conferencing space.  Bold graphics throughout the space remind staff and visitors about their important mission – it’s all about the students.

Client: The Chicago Public Education Fund
Tenant Representative Service: Blackacre Advisors
Contractor:  JC Anderson
MEP Engineer:  Kent Consulting Engineers
Structural Engineer: Virgilio & Associates, LTD
Audio Visual Engineer: Alan Visual Systems, Inc.
Graphic Design: Kym Abrams Design, Inc.
Furniture Systems: Henricksen