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GGP – Chicago Relocation

Chicago, Illinois


This successful relocation of 168,000 SF corporate headquarters proved to be the perfect opportunity to create
the highly transparent, collaborative and branded environment desired by GGP.

Fostering a democratic approach to sharing the daylight, private offices and conference rooms are internalized
while most employees sit near the glass line. Low-height furnishings ensure unobstructed views, allowing for
an abundance of natural light throughout the space, and team collaborative areas occupy the space normally
reserved for prestigious corner offices. A centralized conference center, along with interchangeable private
offices and smaller meeting rooms, provides for future flexibility; a mandatory consideration in the eyes of this
forward-thinking organization and today’s ever changing office environment.

Strategically placed communal “Hubs” create a common area on each floor that’s designed to gather, promote
impromptu meetings, encourage a culture of teamwork and foster knowledge sharing. Ordered with an elegant
palette of white walls, warm ceilings and textured floor finishes, with lighting systems that highlight this logical
and structured environment. The design solution weaves the interactive areas and mix of workspace types
together to create an intuitive system of wayfinding over this 3 floor project.

Check out a video of the project from the contractor, Skender.

Owner: GGP
Project Manager: JLL
Contractor: Skender
MEP Engineer: Environmental Systems Design
Structural Engineer: TGRWA, Inc.
Landscaping Designer: Wolff Landscaping Architecture
Lighting Designer: Gwen Gross Lighting Design
Acoustical Design: Shiner + Associates