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GGP – New York

New York, New York


Recognizing the value of location to its retail clients, this real estate investment trust company, formerly know as General Growth Properties, strategically selected a landmark building off of Fifth Avenue overlooking Bryant Park for its corporate office presence within Midtown, New York.  The open office space is designed to be transparent from the CEO’s office at one end, to the high Conference Center at the other – affording views of the sweeping New York City skyline to all. Important to the culture of the organization was to create a layout and design conducive to discussion, knowledge-sharing and the ability to stimulate creativity. Low panels at open office workstations, and glass front offices are designed to be functional as well as impromptu meeting spaces – equipped with writable surfaces throughout to encourage thought-sharing and allow the “buzz” of the open office to permeate throughout the space. The sleek elevator lobby, outfitted with full-height back painted glass paneled walls, guides guests into a welcoming reception area and sophisticated Conference Center. Subtle design elements reinforce the dedication to GGP’s brand and mission of creating “an outstanding environment and experience for Communities, Retailers, Employees, Consumers and Shareholders.”

Owner: GGP